Often, rapid growth companies find themselves in a difficult position, a sort of IT limbo where their IT needs have outgrown the technical abilities of their go-to computer ‘guy’, but they’re not yet big enough to hire a full-time CTO/CIO.  Maybe, the advice they’re getting is vexed, clouded in jargon or not in the best interests of the company.

Everyone seems to agree that a modern company runs on it’s IT, yet if there’s nobody guiding the IT strategy or making decisions based on a 1, 2, or even 5-year plan, how can you be certain that the company is getting the return from its’ IT spending? Is the business making technology decisions as a quick fix every time an immediate (perceived) need presents itself, or is it building a reliable , designed infrastructure to accompany a sound IT strategy?

I’d venture you do not run any part of your business without a plan, and your IT should be no different. Your IT system/department should run the same way: with a leader and a plan.  Without them, IT can become costly and unmanageable, and oftentimes, the root cause of employee frustrations as efficiency drops.

I provide a comprehensive, fixed cost Outsourced CTO/CIOService available in Sydney. The service provides clients with all the functionality and resources of a full-time CTO/CIO for a fixed fee that is a fraction of the salary of an equivalent expert. With an Outsourced CTO/CIO, any organisation can benefit from the advantage of having a dedicated highly knowledgeable technology expert without the usual cost and staffing overhead


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