I’m an IT Professional whose been around the block a few times… I’ve worked with a lot of businesses, from start-ups to big companies, to Government departments and government owned corporations. I’ve been part of a couple of success stories, but I’ve got a few war stories to share as well… After 28 years in IT, I’ve seen a lot of change but I remain inquisitive and up-to-date.

Between 1995 and October 2011 I was a partner in a highly successful Managed Services Provider. My speciality was IT strategy development for a range of customers including some of Australia’s most recognisable public and privately held brands. I sold my interest in that business in September 2011 to pursue a purely advisory role as an on-demand CIO.

These days, IT costs can be slashed because cloud software delivers sophisticated systems to a business at prices less than the cost of the on-premises stuff they’re displacing. CAPEX is giving way to OPEX for IT expenditure as large infrastructure sets move to ‘as-a-service’ delivery. The cultural change they bring in systems management, workflow, and thinking present new challenges for business.  To maximise their ROI business owners need to fully understand the risks and the benefits to be had.

This CIO thing is all I do. It’s not just an add-on service for someone that fixes your PC. Hire me for that unloved project that nobody wants to touch or you’re not sure how to get started. My value to you? An ability to bridge the gap between the Nerds and the Suits at almost any place in a project timeline, and then bring a project back into harmony. Frequently, there’s a no-mans-land of misunderstanding between opposing teams and I’m the one that gets them talking about the same goals and deliverables…. On top of a realistic assessment and if we agree, a plan for success; you’ll get access to my business network for things like finding advisory board members, quality nerds, awesome suppliers of just about anything you can imagine, and even potential IT staff without the hefty recruitment costs. Equally, I can work with your existing suppliers if that’s your preference. Lets talk.

There’s a personal side to me too… I’ve been a passionate motorcyclist since I was a kid, nearing 40 years in the saddle. My garage includes a sports bike, an adventure tourer, a Postie Bike and even an old Vintage machine I’ll get running again soon..

Each year on the 3rd Sunday in March, The Black Dog Ride 1-Dayer puts more than 7000 motorcyclists on the road in 32 rides around Australia, raising awareness of Depression and Suicide prevention and raising funds for Lifeline Australia. It has been my honour to coordinate the Penrith (Sydney, NSW) 1-Day event since 2015 where we typically get about 400 riders participating. It’s a cause very close to my heart and I have participated in other Black Dog Ride events riding from Sydney out to Uluru and back, and in 2015, across the USA. Truly life-affirming moments.


I spend the bulk of my time working with my clients, their staff and their IT suppliers at their premises. The best way then, to contact me is via this contact form (right):

  • Phone: +61 418 281 978
  • Mailing Address: PO Box 7132, McMahons Point NSW 2060, AUSTRALIA
  • Skype using Skype handle: mvdave750

Or, if you’d like to schedule a no-charge, obligation free 15 Minute phone call, shoot me a message using the contact form to the right