Pssst…  wanna win 1 of 5 Event Cinemas Gold Class passes?

Does your workplace run projects?

Do you bill for your time?

I’m doing some research on behalf of a client who is considering implementing a Workflow Management System.  If you’re not sure what that is, click the link; but put simply it’s a system that manages all the bits of the business that comes BEFORE an invoice is raised, for those who bill their time for a living. Basically it covers Prospect > Project > Invoice and integrates all the other systems like email, timekeeping etc along the way..

I’m seeking information about the types of organisations that use these systems; how and what they use it for; and the challenges and successes they’ve had along the way. Its less about the technologies themselves; and more about how they’ve adopted and adapted. 

There are 3 Surveys. You can take any one of them, or none – whichever seems to best fit your current business circumstances. I only ask that you answer just one survey, candidly.

To thank you for your input, I’ve got 5 x Double passes for Event Cinemas Gold Class to give away to the entry that gives generously with insights. So I can award them, I’ll need your name & email addresses but that part is entirely optional…  Anonymous entries are fine too. I promise not to spam you. This is NOT a survey to collect email addresses. I’m genuinely seeking input and insight into how modern Professional Services Firms manage their business operations.

If you’re interested in discussing any of this, including the results of my research, shoot me a message through the contact form on the home page of the site here

Thanks in advance for your input. I’m looking for about 150 responses, so the 5 Cinema passes will be awarded when I get to that number. 

David Peach
Your IT Director