Surprises are great for birthdays, not so much for business….

IT project management success relies on adequate, predictable and consistent knowledge exchange amongst all the project stakeholders. Done right, it results in the conversion of company ‘lore’ to repeatable processes..   “Surprise” shows up when the gaps in this knowledge exchange occur

In IT projects, it’s the job of the CIO to anticipate and minimise surprises.  But how?…

  • By listening to the client’s needs and pain points. (“Why” are we doing this and what do we expect to fix?)

  • By defining an agreed Scope of Works  (“What” needs to be done to be successful?)

  • By mapping out a  Project schedule (“When” is the work is to be done?)

  • By assigning responsibilities for Project elements (“Who” will perform the work)

  • By creating detailed Work Packages for each phase of a project (“How” the work will be done)

  • By using Risk management techniques to identify and mitigate potential surprises before they occur.

  • By engaging in meaningful & timely  communication that keeps the project team, informed, motivated, and “un-surprised.”

With that, here’s what you can expect if you choose to work with me.

Expect fixed prices

  • After we agree on a Scope of Works, I give fixed prices for every stage of a new assignment, so you always know what your investment is upfront (to the dollar.) Other consultants may quote you an hourly rate and simply ‘see how it goes’. But that’s unpredictable for both parties. Hourly rates rarely give anybody an incentive to be efficient.

  • Expect me to work until you’re happy

Expect the invoice to match your quote

  • There will be no surprises at invoice time either. The amount on your invoice will always match the written quote I give you before the project commenced.

  • Sometimes a Scope of Works will change – and that’s a reality of business. But… It’ll only change by agreement between you & I, and I’ll always tell you beforehand if the changes will impact my original quote. By how much and by how long.

Expect your deadline to be taken seriously

  • I don’t make promises I can’t keep. So if your deadline is just too tight, I’ll tell you. Remember if the job is rushed, it probably won’t achieve the results you desire. My Dad taught me.. you can do something Fast, Cheap or Good – any 2!

  • And when I tell you I can meet your time frames, I will. No exceptions. No excuses.

Expect me to ask (lots of) questions

  • Before I start working, I will ask you lots of questions – about your business, your strategies, your industry and your resources.

  • Sometimes it’s not immediately clear why an IT project is in crisis. And sometimes it’s not easy to translate the issues at hand into immediate actions. But that’s where I come in. I will pick your brains until I’m sure I have something compelling to communicate.

If you’re looking for a CIO who is clear and upfront from the outset, who communicates on your level. please contact me.


I spend the bulk of my time working with my clients, their staff and their IT suppliers at their premises. The best way then, to contact me is via this contact form (right):

  • Phone: +61 418 281 978
  • Mailing Address: PO Box 7132, McMahons Point NSW 2060, AUSTRALIA
  • Skype using Skype handle: mvdave750

Or, if you’d like to schedule a no-charge, obligation free 15 Minute phone call, shoot me a message using the contact form to the right