You’re possibly a Professional Services business; you sell time for money. Likely 10 – 50 employees, you’re people & projects intensive, possibly frustrated because you’ve ‘frankensteined’ a few Cloud Apps together but they’re not talking to your main production systems; or each other… You might just be my favourite client.



I’m an IT Professional who’s been around the block a few times… I’ve worked with lots of businesses, from start-ups to corporates to Government Agencies. I’ve been part of a couple of success stories, but I’ve got war stories to share as well… After 28 years in IT, I’ve seen a lot of change but the more it changes, the more it stays the same.



I’ll provide you with the expertise, insight and thinking of an experienced CIO at a cost-effective rate. Frequently, the solution to a complex issue isn’t obvious when you’re close to the problem.  Sometimes you just need somebody on your side of the table.. My services can be on a permanent and ongoing basis, or an as-needed basis.



 I have a love hate relationship with surprises.  They’re great if its your birthday.. not so much when it’s your business… When you work with me, my process for managing clients and their vendor relationships makes for planned results and no nasty surprises.  Here’s what to expect when you work with me


I have known David for many years and used his services as an IT consultant in our business. David has worked well with our people and has helped us achieve greater efficiencies and has been very creative in the ideas, IT systems and process solutions he has put forward and implemented. He has very sound knowledgeable of IT systems, processes , databases and development and has been able to add value to our business. He has always delivered excellent results at a reasonable cost and he is highly regarded.

Lisa Gazis • Managing Director, Mahlab Recruitment


When all around you is falling to bits, you need somebody who’s calm under pressure and doesn’t get rattled easily. Clients say it’s one of my best features.


‘Faking it’ eventually, leads to problems. Fatally true in life as it is in IT. I’ll tell you right here that I don’t know the answer to everything you might ask me. Anybody who tells you they do, is lying.  I’m pretty certain though that I know where to find somebody who does know what you need. Welcome to my network.


Being predictable and reliable feels like it may be a little boring, but my clients appreciate that when they need help, I’m only a phone call  or email away, and I generally take charge of matters pretty qucikly.


Directed here for remote support? Download & install one of these first.

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I spend the bulk of my time working with my clients, their staff and their IT suppliers at their premises. The best way then, to contact me is via this contact form (right):

  • Phone: +61 418 281 978
  • Mailing Address: PO Box 664, Willoughby NSW 2060, AUSTRALIA
  • Skype using Skype handle: mvdave750

Or, if you’d like to schedule a no-charge, obligation free 15 Minute phone call, shoot me a message using the contact form to the right